OP Jindal Community College strives to be one of the global leaders in producing competent and skilled workforce at par with world standards through competency-based technical and vocational training.

OP Jindal Community College promotes lifelong learning of vocational skills for all, irrespective of age, caste, creed, gender, prior education and socio economic environment, place of birth or location.
OP Jindal Community College
Mr. Naveen Jindal Chairman
In any industry, a quality product is one that meets the exact pre-stated specifications of the customer. Similarly, a skilled technician is one who is able to meet the performance expectations stated by the job market
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OPJCC's Inspiration 

Shri OP Jindal Founder Chairman

“Without the upliftment of weak and backward sections of the society, a nation can never prosper.”

“Truly, for some men destiny, isn’t written,



ØOPJCC 2013 - 14 Review.

ØOPJCC aparajita 2014 presentation.

ØMs. Miriam J. Carter , Director- OP Jindal Community College as guest speaker at India CSR Seminar.

ØCertification Ceremony of JSPL Land Seller group 16th July 2014.

ØOP Jindal Community College Celebrated International Women's Day 2014.

ØOPJCC Patratu Starts Aparajita programme with 60 women in technical trades.

ØFICCI OPJCC wins 2nd Annual FICCI Leap Vault Award as best Skill Development provider in the Industry.

ØSAKSHAM is a small business incubator program of OP Jindal Community College (OPJCC) for village youth interested in job creation

ØAPARAJITA 'Exclusive Construction Training Program for Women'.


OP Jindal Community College (OPJCC), a private technical vocational education and training provider in India,  was started in 2007 as OP Jindal Institute of Technology and Skills. It was transformed into a community college in 2011 to reflect JSPL Chairman and patron, the Honorable Naveen Jindal's commitment to educational and economic mobility for all.  OPJCC students learn in order to earn.  They are taught practical, relevant skills to improve their employability. Hands-on training with the latest tools and equipment is emphasized under the constant supervision of qualified instructors. Lifelong learning is also promoted in response to ever-increasing technological advances in today's industries.

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